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Product Description

Introducing our RIO Double Door Distribution Board (DB), a sophisticated and robust solution designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern electrical installations. The RIO Double Door DB stands out with its innovative design, offering a secure and organized housing for electrical components. The standout feature of the RIO Double Door DB is its dual-door design, providing convenient and separate access to different sections of the distribution board. This unique configuration enhances safety during maintenance, allowing for isolated access to specific circuits without compromising overall system integrity.

Product Info

Item Code No. Of Ways Std Pack. Unit Price (Deluxe)
SHREEDB052 4W 24 piece 640.00
SHREEDB053 6W 18" 745.00
SHREEDB054 8W 12" 850.00
SHREEDB055 10W 10" 955.00
SHREEDB056 12W 10" 1060.00
SHREEDB057 16W 10" 1170.00

Upgrade your electrical infrastructure with the RIO Double Door DB – a fusion of innovation, durability, and security. Whether you're managing a complex industrial facility or enhancing the electrical system of your home, this distribution board ensures a reliable and efficient solution.