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Product Description

Introducing the STRIPLINE Double Door Distribution Board (DB) – a sophisticated and efficient solution designed to elevate your electrical distribution system. The STRIPLINE DB sets itself apart with its innovative double-door design, providing a secure and accessible housing for electrical components.

Product Info

Item Code No. Of Ways Std Pack. Unit Price (Deluxe) Unit Price (Premium)
SHREEDB046 4W 24 piece 430.00 570.00
SHREEDB047 6W 18" 500.00 670.00
SHREEDB048 8W 12" 570.00 770.00
SHREEDB049 10W 10" 640.00 870.00
SHREEDB050 12W 10" 710.00 970.00
SHREEDB051 16W 10" 870.00 1170.00

Upgrade your electrical distribution system with the STRIPLINE Double Door DB – a fusion of innovation, durability, and security. Whether managing the electrical complexities of an industrial facility or enhancing the safety of your home's electrical setup, this distribution board ensures a reliable and efficient solution.