Ghaziabad, Ghaziabad - 201002, Uttar Pradesh, India

Product Description

  • Over all body made from GI/GP SHEET, 20 gauge thickness, Zinc Coating from company 80-120 GSM (for extra long life).
  • 50% Extra thickness NAKKA SHEET, for extra threading for strong gripping.
  • All sides corner spot welded for strong joint grip.
  • Provision of holes in the back plate for over wall tting to avoid dis-balance of xing box.
  • Heavy Brass earth pillar.
  • Nylon PVC corck provided for inltration of cement and sand etc.
  • Above 50mm depth is provided for easy multi wire Bunch to avoid bumps up wire.
  • Extra Flexible long NAKKA clip 4 to 6mm.
  • Ribbed lines provided on strong wall gripping.
  • Provision for 25mm pipe entry hole.
  • Each box embossed name of brand for identication.
  • Packed in water and dust proof paper folder for long time storage.

Product Info

Size Module Code
18 Guage
18 Guage
(Powder Coated)
20 Guage
20 Guage
(Powder Coated)
Packing Inner Master Packing
3x3 1-2 Module MB-001 MB-010 MB-019 MB-028 10 piece 320 piece
4x3 3 Module MB-002 MB-011 MB-020 MB-029 10 piece 240 piece
5x3 4 Module MB-003 MB-012 MB-021 MB-030 10 piece 180 piece
8x3 6 Module MB-004 MB-013 MB-022 MB-031 10 piece 120 piece
5x5 8 Module MB-005 MB-014 MB-023 MB-032 10 piece 120 piece
9x3 8 Module MB-006 MB-015 MB-024 MB-033 10 piece 120 piece
8x6 12 Module MB-007 MB-016 MB-025 MB-034 10 piece 80 piece
9x6 16 Module MB-008 MB-017 MB-026 MB-035 5 piece 60 piece
8x9 18 Module MB-009 MB-018 MB-027 MB-036 5 piece 40 piece